The Concert – Gentse Feesten

Gentse Feesten – Gante (Bélgica) – THE CONCERT – Clic- Olé
Two musicians have an important music performance in a distant country whose language they don’t know. They will try to communicate in the language of music. But, during the recital, they begin to have serious problems. they will have to do a juggling act and invent whatever it takes to be able to play.
Not knowing it was impossible, they did it.

Dos músicos tienen un concierto muy importante en un país lejano donde no conocen el idioma. Intentarán comunicarse por el lenguaje de la música. Pero en el recital, empiezan a tener graves problemas. Tendrán que inventar lo que haga falta y hacer malabares para poder tocar.Sin saber que era imposible, lo hicieron.

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